Seing the end of the tunnel?

By Stephen Propst

Make a Game as an indie is quite longer than we espect…

It always start the same way, you have an idea you start prototype it and now if your happy of the result you start polishing the game or you stop it.

We will focus on the polishing. Polish a game is making it intuitive and enjoyable for someone who play it.

In another post i will talk about “failure” that are’nt one.

Why polishing is kinda boring?

Because when we conceptualize our game in our mind, we haven’t anticipate all the requierement a game need:

  • Menu/Music/Sound effect/etc
  • Setting
  • Running requierement
  • Marketing stuff

We underestimates that part that has long has the prototype part, which is boring.We’re exited about our game, we want player to test it but you can’t. You have to do this goddam teaser…

That’s why so much people actually don’t finish their game, that neccesite an “effort”

So maybe to help you finished a game , you should anticipate how long the polishing will take you and don’t have your eyes bigger than the belly!

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