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  • Why Game Jam are good for an indie Game Developper?

    23 July 2019 by

    An Game Jam is an event when participant has to create a game following a theme in a limited time. So why it’s good? It forces you to step out of your comfort zone It make you do small game/prototype It help you having idea It train you to work in a team Having a… Read more

  • Out of « good » Game idea?

    7 August 2019 by

    Make Prototype Like we say “Appetite comes from eating” good idea come when your making a game! A prototype can be lead by a small mecanic like “a platformer where you play only with the mouse position” Do not make any design for the game focus on the mecanic , test new things! Challenge you… Read more

  • Seing the end of the tunnel?

    27 July 2019 by

    Make a Game as an indie is quite longer than we espect… It always start the same way, you have an idea you start prototype it and now if your happy of the result you start polishing the game or you stop it. We will focus on the polishing. Polish a game is making it… Read more

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Website under construction be kind.


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